Social Media Trends: New Pathways Ahead?

Many companies have just gotten on the road to using the major social media platforms—the "big four": Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Suddenly there are signs appearing about new social media trends just ahead. Time for a change of direction, or should you just keep steady on the path and not be diverted? It all depends on your business, and on the platforms coming up on the highway. Business owners and marketing professionals know that social media is a vital component of any marketing strategy. Jason DeMers (Forbes, August 5, 2014) points out…continue reading →

Content Writing Strategy

 What is Your Content Writing Strategy?  Writing Content to Match Your Sales Funnel Stages  How many prospects are you loosing every day? Don’t you wish each prospect visiting your web site would turn into a satisfied long term customer? It’s all a matter of proper channeling. You know what happens when you try to put oil in the car without a funnel.  It’s messy--inefficient. You get spills. Oil is wasted.  It’s not so different when we try to market without a sales funnel. Here is how to start gaining more prospects, leads and long term customers.…continue reading →

Writing a Case Study that attracts prospects

How To's for Writing a Case Study “Our business kept floundering until…”  “Once we used their product in our warehouse we noticed changes immediately.” “They were the first company to communicate clearly with us about goals.” “After nearly a decade of floundering returns we finally saw things turn around when we hired…” Writing a case study of a customer who was helped by your firm is one your best investments of time and money. Customer case studies are one of the most persuasive types of content for businesses to develop. However, many businesses…continue reading →

AdWords Keywords Changing: Exact Match and Close Variant Changes

Plenty of words were being tossed about last week in response to Google’s upcoming AdWords keywords changes—nixing the ability to opt out of close variants. This change, to come in effect in late September, will do away with pure exact match. Read a few of the disgruntled comments: “Terrible idea by AdWords. Less control = worse results” “WTF Google.  Just WTF.” “It’s not that we always opt out of close variants. It’s that we have the choice to do so.” So, exact match disappears next month. No more opt out options for close…continue reading →

Increasing B2B Online Sales: A Case Study in Growth

1,182% Growth in B2B Online Sales Aprons and Smocks, a B2B company selling restaurant apparel was at a business impasse back in 2010. The Illinois based company had been launched in 2008 and owner, Mike Cielinski, wanted to see the growth he believed was possible. But he couldn’t do it himself. “From the very beginning when the company was launched, I believed that the potential for B2B online sales was tremendous—because of the reach of the internet.” Mike became aware that the website wasn’t performing the way it should be. It wasn’t converting…continue reading →

Shopping Campaigns Replace PLA’s: Ready for Google’s Deadline?

By August 31st  of 2014 all E-Commerce businesses will need to upgrade any Product Listing Ads (PLA’s) on Google to the new structure—Shopping Campaigns. The regular PLA’s will be phased out and all businesses who advertise with PLA’s are being requested to upgrade to Shopping Campaigns by the deadline. Any that have not been switched will automatically be upgraded then by Google. What are the benefits of the new structure and how hard is it to change over? Benefits of Shopping Campaigns PLA’s click through rate is 47 percent—higher than for text ads,…continue reading →

Mobile Marketing Strategy: Mobile Moments

Mobile Marketing: Are You Connecting or Just Selling? 34 Hours Per Month—All Mobile Moments Nielson’s Digital Consumer Report  says that Americans now spend an average of 34 hours per month on their smart phones (and only 27 hours per month on their PCs). Mobile phones are no longer devices. They've become companions for most people. What are they doing on their mobile phones? Everything from banking, shopping, booking airline flights, purchasing groceries, tracking miles run, solving an argument, using GPS, watching movies, gaming, listening to music, and checking data for a work project.…continue reading →

Social Media Influence Declines? So Says Gallup Poll

Social Media Influence: the Puzzle Piece that Won't Fit A missing puzzle piece is unnerving. You know the scene. The group has been working at the puzzle on and off for hours—1000 pieces—getting close to the finish line. Only six pieces left. One person presses a piece into a gap and it just doesn't quite fit (even though they press hard to make it fit). Someone else tries. Those six pieces find their proper spot and then the awareness hits. That one piece is missing. It’s a sizable gap. So, the search begins……continue reading →

Google Authorship Changes: The Death Toll for Authors?

Google authorship—is it dying? A new change by Google has seemingly put authors at a disadvantage—putting them  at risk for less visibility and a lower click through rate.  Google has dropped two things regarding where authorship is assigned to a page:   The author’s profile photo, The circle count from the search listings.  The changes were done, according to Google, to clean up visual design of search results and to improve the mobile experience.  Authors are concerned for how the loss of this will affect their visibility and ranking. Business owners are wondering…continue reading →

Aurora University SEO Lesson

SEO Education Digital Marketing and Analytics Master's students at Aurora University will engage with experts from PrairieWeb Internet Marketing about SEO. We will be teaching the students to help understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices,paid versus organic searches, and updates about search trends. When? Tuesday, July 15, 2014 Where? Aurora University Book PrairieWeb for a speaking engagement.continue reading →