Connecting with a Sales Team

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a sales team sending you customers? Affiliate Marketing is about connecting with other businesses on the web who agree to sell your products. They get a commission when a visitor from their website makes a purchase on yours. Because of your “sales team” of affiliates, you can target audiences beyond those you can personally reach. Plus, your brand gains exposure from ads on their websites.

Affiliate marketing is about building the right connections between your company, affiliates who promotes your products on their websites, and consumers who are looking for your specific product.

The big expense is not in the signup. It’s the expense you’ll have if the results are low. If you don’t hit your minimums, the affiliate marketing companies will fine you.

You can avoid the fines if you target your market and your affiliates.

Here’s are the steps:

  • Start with your website or blog. Add content.
  • Develop banners of the right size and content that includes a clear call to action.
  • Build and grow a list of affiliates on your site.
  • Add affiliate links and provide your affiliates with resources (graphic banners, articles, etc.) so they can easily feature your promotions.
  • Create an affiliate account with an affiliate marketing company. Commission Junction, Share a Sale, and Linkshare are 3 of the largest. You can also use this account to see what your competitors are doing. (That’s strategy.)
  • Be sure your arrangement is to pay only if the visit results in a sale.
  • Test and monitor results to ensure that the affiliates’ visitors actually convert to sales. (This will help you know your best performers. You don’t want 800 affiliates, but only 5 performers.)
  • You may want to consider more than one affiliate marketing program depending on your products and services available

Affiliate marketing is an SEM strategy, not an SEO strategy (they get the link credit, not you). If you need help strategizing the best connections to build an affiliate sales team, give us a call.

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