Why are product feeds important?

Product feeds significantly increase your potential sources of customers. Sites that allow merchants to sell products via feeds include:

  • Search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc.
  • Top shopping portals: PriceGrabber, NextTag, Bizrate/Shopzilla, Shopping.com, etc.
  • Marketplaces: eBay and Amazon

Product feeds can be an effective way to increase your products’ exposure, allowing you to feature images, descriptions, and current pricing (even sale pricing) in these online marketplaces. Product feeds often use a pay-per-click pricing structure that can be managed through some of the same tools as text-only search engine ads.

If the setup, development, and per-click costs don’t exceed your acceptable cost per order, product feeds can profitably expand your reach far beyond the ability of advertising and organic search.

In order to utilize product feeds, you must have:

  • Physical products (services cannot appear in feeds)
  • Prices, photos, names, and descriptions of your products in the feed
  • At least one product to sell (there’s no maximum number)

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