Who needs help selling on Amazon?

Selling products on Amazon can be extremely lucrative, as some of our clients have actually sold more product on Amazon than on their own websites, but very few people know the strategies and tactics to do it correctly. You might need help selling on Amazon if:

  • You are already selling on Amazon and are not satisfied with your experience.
  • You are trying to sell on Amazon without a SKU.
  • You have products to sell on Amazon but you don’t know how to do it.

Any manufacturer, distributer, or retailer selling directly to consumers can benefit from selling on Amazon.

Selling on Amazon can be complicated, because you need to understand:

  • How Amazon’s pricing system works.
  • What product feeds are and how to use them to your advantage.
  • How Amazon’s vendor rating system works.
  • If the Fulfillment By Amazon program would work for your business.
  • How product ads work.

For $495, we offer the Amazon Reality Check, which includes:

  • Up to a 60 minute phone consultation
  • Comprehensive analysis of your specific Amazon potential
  • Recipe for Amazon success
  • Option to progress to ongoing managed services

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