Tools to Amplify Your Message

Approximately 54 million Americans are checking social network sites multiple times per day. Over 61 percent of social media users learn about products and services on social media sites. 77 percent of B2C companies and 41 percent of B2B are finding new customers through social media. Social marketing optimization is the tool that acts like an amplifier. “Like this.” “Tweet that.” “Re-post if you agree.” Don’t you want them amplifying your message? Here are the benefits—for any size business:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Increase keyword rankings
  • Improve real time search
  • Reach a wider audience
  • Build relationships with consumers by engaging in conversations
  • Generate leads
  • Build consumer loyalty
  • Drive traffic to your site
  • Reach highly targeted demographics (age, gender, interest, employers)

The Most Widely-Used Social Media Networks

Platform How can it be used?
  • Targets individuals
  • Allows for direct engagement with customers
  • All-encompassing—most other social media platforms can be linked to your business’s Facebook account
  • Useful for events/promotions, PR, content promotion, and customer service.
  • Allows you to reach professionals, thus creating a network of potential clients, vendors, and partners
  • Automatically pulls in information shared elsewhere about your company, once the company page is set up
  • Allows for the creation of individual product or service landing pages
  • Makes it possible to secure reviews of your business, services, and products
  • Able to network by following relevant people and businesses
  • Can provide a “face” for your company
  • Allows customers to provide feedback
  • Is useful for PR, opinion polling, and customer service
  • Increases your authority through uploaded presentations and helpful tips
  • Able to interact with users by responding to comments
  • Allows for the promotion of your business via the posting of tutorials, product demos, entertaining videos, commercials, event promos, interviews, etc.
  • Embeddable—almost any YouTube video can be embedded on your website or other networks, so it’s a valuable repository for all your company videos (and more)
  • Creating and verifying a local business page allows your location to appear in Google Maps
  • Business Pages often appear in organic search results
  • Author verification improves organic clickthrough rate by adding a personal profile photo to connected content
  • Useful for connecting with local customers and responding to reviews
  • Content posted to Google+ is indexed in Google’s search engine


Managing the Media Toolbox

It’s important to integrate your social marketing optimization strategy with your content marketing and SEO strategies. Here are some tips to get social media platforms working together:

  • Add retweet buttons to your blog links.
  • Target keyword and geographic areas.
  • Check for plug-ins that allow you to automatically add content from your blog posts to Facebook.
  • Utilize management tools that allow you to write content, choose which social media platform to send to, and schedule it. (Sendible, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Buffer, Crowd Booster, ArgyleSocial toward B2B and Spredfast are some options.)

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